Association Of Statin Therapy On Clinical Outcomes In Covid-19 Patients: An Updated Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis On All Related Evidences

statin therapy in COVID-19 patients


Background: Statins is a class of lipid-lowering drugs and our previous investigations showed that statins have antiviral effects and have a wound healing effect in the lung. This systematic review and meta-analysis aimed to evaluate the effects of statin therapy on mortality and clinical outcomes in COVID-19 patients.

Methods: A comprehensive search was conducted in international databases, including MEDLINE, Scopus, Web of Science, and Embase from December 1, 2019 until January 26, 2022 without any restriction in language. The random-effects model was used to estimate the pooled odds ratio (OR).

Results: The statin therapy overally was associated with decrease in odds of ventilation [pooled OR (95% CI): 0.85 (0.70 to 0.99)] and mortality [pooled OR (95% CI): 0.73 (0.66 to 0.81)] but had no effects on the  ICU admission [pooled OR (95% CI):  0.93 (0.77 to 1.12)], oxygen therapy [pooled OR (95% CI): 0.85 (0.70 to 0.99)], recovery [pooled OR (95% CI): 1.85 (0.35 to 9.92)], kidney failure [pooled OR (95% CI): 1.01 (0.73 to 1.40)], hospitalization [pooled OR (95% CI): 1.45 (0.88 to 2.36)], asymptomatic disease [pooled OR (95% CI): 1.33 (0.24 to 7.44)], and ARDS [pooled OR (95% CI): 1.15 (0.88 to 1.49)].

Conclusions: The present meta-analysis showed that statin therapy was associated with a reduced risk of mortality and ventilation in patients with COVID-19 but had no effects on other clinical outcomes.

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