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Designing a Quality Management Model for Health Services in Iran


Introduction: Nowadays, the quality of services, especially in high volume clients, such as financial and care services, has become increasingly important. Therefore, quality of service in accordance with professional standards and customer expectations is important and a first step for it is a quality improvement.
Objective: The purpose of this study was to design a quality management model for providing health care in Iran.
Method: In this study, the comparative method was used to evaluate the health care quality indicators in selected countries (America-England-Japan-Malaysia-Egypt) and to compare their health care strategies. Hospital managers and people responsible for improving hospital quality in Iran have been involved in this research (377 questionnaire were analyzed). The study lasted from September 2018 to September 2019. Maxqda software was used to classify the adaptive variables. Maxqda software was used to classify the adaptive variables. LISREL software were used- Exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis- to identify the dimensions and validation of the mode .
Results: Twenty-four types of health care variables were identified from 6 countries. Exploratory factor analysis and questionnaire resulted in four general criteri: Quality Assurance, Quality Planning, Quality Control and Quality Improvement. Confirmatory factor analysis also showed that the identified dimensions are valid .
Conclusion: Considering that guarantee,control, planning and quality improvement have the highest impact respectively, continuous planning at the level of hospitals can lead to a significant increase in the quality of health care delivery .

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Quality management; Health services; Quality assurance; Quality planning; Quality control; Quality improvement

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