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Corona Virus Outbreak in Iran: A Comparison with China, Italy and South Korea in One Month after Infection


Introduction: The coronavirus outbreak has become a serious issue of the entire world. In some ways, the ability to provide outbreak rate prediction is helpful. Therefore the main purpose of this study was to investigate the incidence pattern of Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Iran, and comparison between countries with high infected person such as China, Italy and South Korea.
Method: In this cross sectional study 126789 infected cases with COVID 19 related countries with highest infection, China, Italy, Iran and South Korea in 30 day timespan was extracted from the cumulative frequency chart at https://www.worldmeters. Info/coronavirus/. The incidence rate pattern was presented.
Results: The findings show the frequency pattern of the infected person’s frequency within 30 days since the first case has observed in Iran are similar. Although incidence rate coronavirus is similar to other countries in during 14 days, but after the 14th day, there is a noticeable difference between the obtained pattern of confirmed cases in Iran and other countries. There is a spectacular difference in the number of patients in Iran and South Korea after the seventh day and between Iran and Italy after the fourteenth day.
Conclusion: The Covid-19 quickly spread across the world and caused varying challenges. Thus the prevention strategies aimed at reducing transmission in the community are a necessity.

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