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Developing a Questionnaire to Investigate the Reasons for Ignoring Home Quarantine by Some Iranians


Background: The rapid outbreak of Coronavirus has led to the worrying situation. Prevention strategies such as a stay at home offer great opportunities for transmission reduction of the virus. Therefore, the purpose of current study has developed a questionnaire to investigate the reasons for not staying at home in Iran.
Methods: In this study a self-administered questionnaire was designed in two Delphi rounds and based on 50 expert and 10 expert opinions from different fields of study.
Results: In the first Delphi round 11 questions were obtained and in the second round 14 questions were confirmed. The mean of CVR and CVI for the questionnaire was 95.33 and 94.67, respectively. A questionnaire was designed and developed according to the purpose.
Conclusion: Using the designed questionnaire, the reasons why some people do not pay attention to home quarantine can be examined and solutions can be considered for them. This can prevent further corona spread.

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Coronavirus Prevention Outbreak Reasons Iran

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