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A model for assessment and development of the credibility of Iran Academy of Medical Sciences


Background  &  Aim:  Assessment  could  be  assumed  as  a  valuable  mean of  highlighting  the organization strengths and spotting its weaknesses. Academies are not exceptions  in this regard. Knowing the items, which entail more concentrated  attention, the leadership  of the academy will shift the resources to compensate the extenuations. This study aimed to provide the Iran Academy of Medical Sciences (AMS) a model of assessment and development of its credibility.
Methods & Materials: Reviewing the scientific literatures about the components of credibility of an organization, three components were elected, 1. Structure, 2. Performance, and 3. Acceptability. Assessing  this academy,  a framework  for summarizing  the information  of other  academies  was developed. For the next steps, to improve the quality of the framework and to study more AMS, we decided to search the internet for more countries and academies.
Results: We find that 16 indices and their 77 measures could be used to assess the AMS.
Conclusion:  Establishing  a well-defined  system with a trained  staff devoted to assess  the AMS activities, would be in the favor of evaluating the AMS annually; and by publication of strategic reports, AMS strengths would be reinforced and its weaknesses would be reformed.

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