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Prediction of Factors Affecting Cognitive Performance in Pregnant Women using Robust Regression Methods


Introduction: This study compared the outcomes of cognitive function assessments between pregnant and non-pregnant women groups to demonstrate alterations occurring during pregnancy. Furthermore, we aimed to determine the factors acting on cognitive functions in pregnant women. 

Material and Methods: 42 pregnant and 42 non-pregnant women were included in the study. In order to compare cognitive performances, Montreal Cognitive Assessment test was applied to women. 

Results: The assessed scores of cognitive functioning were significantly different between pregnant and non-pregnant women (p <0.001). The test value was obtained as 22.29±4.57 with pregnants and as 26.02±2.19 with non-pregnant womens. The cognitive measurements yielded lower scores in the pregnant women. A negative correlation was found between the progesterone hormone levels and cognitive scores (p = 0.025). Progesterone hormone, TSH hormone and age of the pregnant were found to be important among the factors affecting the cognitive performances in pregnants (p=0.04; p=0.001; p=0.033, respectively). 

Conclusion: Significant reductions in cognitive functions are observed in women during pregnancy. During pregnancy, in order to increase the cognitive level of women, hormonal values of pregnant women should be followed

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Pregnancy Cognitive Performance Progesterone TSH Robust Regression

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