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Making the case for cross-border public health stratagies: a compartivie assessment of Covid-19 epidemiological trends in the Balkan countries across 17 months.



COVID-19 spread globally, including across the Balkans, resulting in different morbidity and mortality outcomes in different countries. The aim of this study was to review the impact of COVID-19 over 17 months with regards to pandemic progression, implemented mitigation strategies, and COVID-19 vaccination programs across the Balkan countries, while identifying any valuable pieces of information acquired serendipitously throughout the pandemic that can be implemented in future action plans.



Epidemiological data was obtained from Our World in Data databases, while Ministry of Health websites for each respective country as well as local newspapers were utilized to review COVID-19-related mitigations and vaccination strategies. Case, mortality, and vaccination incidence comparisons were made across neighbouring countries.



A similar trend in COVID morbidity and mortality outcomes were evident across neighbouring countries. A staggered vaccination rollout was observed, with various rollout speeds, although gradual decline in both morbidity and mortality occurred.



The COVID-19 outcome for a particular country is not only dependent on the country’s own level of viral transmission, mitigations, and vaccination rates but also on neighbouring countries’ COVID-19 situation. Hence, cross-border governance action and recovery plans are recommended along with targeting vaccination hesitance.

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