A new transformed Weibull lifetime distribution and its inferences based on the Bayes and maximum likelihood procedures

  • Omid Kharazmi Department of Statistics, Faculty of Mathematical Sciences, Vali-e-Asr University of Rafsanjan, Rafsanjan, Iran
  • Hadis Mehregan Department of Statistics, Shahid Chamran Ahvaz University, Ahavaz, Iran
Keywords: Weibull distribution, Bayesian estimation, Censored data, Reliability


Background & Aim: In last three decades or so, an extensive research works has appeared in the literature on the theory of statistical distributions. The Weibull distribution is a very popular model, and has been extensively used over the past decades for modelling data in reliability, engineering and biological studies. 
Methods & Materials: First, we obtain some of important statistical and reliability characteristics of the new model, and then the estimation of the parameters of proposed model is studied through two views of Bayesian and classic statistics. 
Results: We show that the new distribution has the ability to fit into complete and censored real data. In the application section, we show the superiority of the proposed model to some common statistical distributions.
Conclusion: In this paper, we have proposed a new transformed Weibull distribution, denoted by TWD. It is investigated that the new model has increasing, decreasing and bathtub shape hazard functions. We provide the comprehensive Bayesian and maximum likelihood estimation procedures for complete and right censored real observations.


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